Improving Nut Processing with Custom Solutions

A major nut-producing company in Vietnam decided to expand its horizons by entering the world of processed nuts.

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Meeting Growing Demand for Potato Chips: A Water-Saving Solution in Malaysia

The largest potato chip producer in Malaysia was facing a delightful challenge

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Cleaner and Safer Snack Production: Taming the Dust in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is known for its incredibly tasty snacks, bursting with intense flavors like vinegar, mala, barbecue, and chili.

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Quality check

Enhancing Snack Quality in the Philippines: A Flavorful Success Story

The Philippines’ largest snacks player had a big plan – they were expanding their capacity to produce more of their best-selling snack.

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From Potato Peel Waste to Energy: A Sustainable Solution in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, one of the largest potato chips manufacturers had a big plan – they wanted to boost their production capacity with a new potato chips line, churning out 1500 Kg/Hr of delicious chips.

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Enhancing Snack Production Efficiency: Assisting a Leading Philippine Snack Manufacturer

A prominent snack manufacturing company in the Philippines faced significant operational challenges.

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