Enhancing Snack Quality in the Philippines: A Flavorful Success Story

The Philippines’ largest snacks player had a big plan – they were expanding their capacity to produce more of their best-selling snack. But they had a challenge – they wanted the new production lines to make snacks that were even better in quality than what they had before.

The Challenge:
Their existing systems had a few issues:

  1. No Automatic Flavor Control: There was no way to control how much flavor went onto the snacks automatically. This led to uneven flavoring and wasted flavors.
  2. Uneven Flavor Coverage: The snacks didn’t get an even coating of flavor.

Our Solution:
At Enabling.Win, we love helping businesses improve. We offered a complete automatic system with precise control over flavor dosing:

  1. Step 1 – Measuring the Flow: We started by measuring how fast the snacks were moving. Then, we programmed the recipe and calculated exactly how much flavor should go on.
  2. Controlled Dosing: We used a special system to control the flavor dosing very precisely.
  3. Even Coating: We designed the tumbling drum so that every piece of snack got an even coating of flavor.

The Results:
Our solution worked like magic: