Improving Nut Processing with Custom Solutions

A major nut-producing company in Vietnam decided to expand its horizons by entering the world of processed nuts. They had their eyes set on creating Salted and roasted nuts, which would be used in premium food products. To achieve the precision required for this venture, they needed top-notch processing solutions.

In one of their existing plants, they managed the saltiness manually. But for a new production line at a different location, they wanted something more advanced – an automatic system. They were on the lookout for the right partner who could provide the perfect solution.

The Challenge:

  1. Handling Multiple Nuts: The new system needed to process Pistachios, Almonds, and Cashews on the same line.
  2. Accurate Salt Dosing: Each product had different capacity requirements and needed a precise amount of salt. Any mistake could lead to losses.
  3. Zero Rejection: As these products were premium, any rejection or spillage would be costly.
  4. Adjusting Salinity Automatically: The system needed to be smart, and automatically adjust the saltiness percentage.

Our Solution: 
Enabling.Win with our partners designed a special system to meet these challenges. It included:

  1. Salt Solution Prep Tank: A tank to prepare the concentrated salt solution.
  2. Salt Dosing Tank: This tank had sensors and valves to control the saltiness percentage automatically.
  3. Retention Tumbler: This mixed the product and salt solution just right.
  4. De-watering Drum: This removed any extra water.

    The Results:
    Our customized automatic Salinity Dosing System was a game-changer:

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