Cleaner and Safer Snack Production: Taming the Dust in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is known for its incredibly tasty snacks, bursting with intense flavors like vinegar, mala, barbecue, and chili. But there’s a spicy challenge behind the scenes – when these intense flavors are added, they can create a lot of dust. And the stronger the flavor, the worse the dust problem becomes.

The Problem:
A major seasoning area was facing a major dust dilemma, causing several issues:

  1. Operator Discomfort: The dust made it tough for the operators to do their jobs comfortably.
  2. Hidden Dust: Dust settled in hard-to-reach corners, raising concerns about cleanliness and potential contamination.

Our Solution:
At E.W, we love a challenge. We discovered that the customer had tried and failed to solve this dust issue in the past. But we had a plan with two key parts:

  1. Capture: We needed to capture the dust right where it was generated, using a vacuum system.
  2. Separation: We used a well-engineered reverse jet filter to separate the dust from the air.

The Results:
Our solution was a game-changer: