A prominent snack manufacturing company in the Philippines faced significant operational challenges. They were tasked with transferring seasoned snacks from their processing area to packaging machines while maintaining impeccable hygiene standards. Their existing equipment, bucket elevators, presented several issues that hindered their ability to meet stringent hygiene and operational efficiency requirements.

The Challenges:

  1. Inadequate Cleaning Access: The design of the bucket elevator made it difficult to access and clean thoroughly, resulting in extended cleaning times and excessive water usage.
  2. Hygiene Test Failures: Despite diligent cleaning efforts, the company struggled with recurrent failures in swab tests, raising hygiene concerns.
  3. Product Spillage: The existing system had issues with product spillage during transfer, causing disruptions and hygiene risks.
  4. Complex Maintenance: The bucket elevator’s intricate chain-sprocket drive frequently experienced breakdowns, leading to unscheduled production downtimes for maintenance.

Our Solution:

To address these challenges, our team proposed the installation of a hygienically designed Incline to Packaging Conveyor (ITP Conveyor) to replace the bucket elevator. The ITP Conveyor introduced several key advantages:

  1. Advanced Belt System: Featuring an Intralox thermodrive belt, renowned for its hygiene compatibility in food processing.
  2. Efficient Cleaning: Integration of a Clean-in-Place (CIP) nozzle assembly ensured thorough and efficient belt cleaning.
  3. Accessible Design: An open frame design allowed easy access for comprehensive conveyor cleaning, enhancing hygiene maintenance.
  4. Zero Spillage: Precise belt sizing and conveyor component design eliminated product spillage during transportation.

The Results:

Our solution delivered remarkable outcomes for the customer: