Meeting Growing Demand for Potato Chips: A Water-Saving Solution in Malaysia

The largest potato chip producer in Malaysia was facing a delightful challenge – their potato chips were in high demand, and they wanted to increase their production capacity. But there was a hitch – they didn’t have enough water treatment capacity at their plant.

The Challenge:

Rising Demand, Limited Resources: The demand for their yummy potato chips was growing, and they needed another production line. However, building a new factory or water treatment plant was costly and complicated.

  1. Water License Troubles: Getting permission to use more water was proving to be a tricky task.
  2. Electrical Load Limits: Upgrading the plant’s electrical system to handle a new treatment plant was not an easy option.

Our Solution:
At Enabling.Win, we like to think outside the box. Instead of going for a whole new water treatment plant, we found a smart solution – reducing water usage for both their current and new production lines. We suggested a complete water recycling and starch recovery system, which included:

  1. Sieve System: This system removed large potato slices and peeled pieces from the wastewater.
  2. Hydrocyclone Separation: Using hydrocyclones, we separated the suspended starch from the water.
  3. Vacuum-Based Starch Removal: We turned the starch into a form that could be disposed of easily.

The Results:
Our solution brought some fantastic results: