Understanding Product.Flow in Food Processing

In food manufacturing, the transfer of ‘naked food’ products between processes is a frequent and indispensable occurrence. It bridges the gap between different stages of food manufacturing, shaping raw materials into finished products.

However, this transition comes with its complexities and challenges, which demand meticulous attention and solutions.
Contamination Risks
The potential for contamination is an ever-present concern during the conveyance of naked food products. Even the slightest lapse in hygiene can compromise product quality and safety.
Product Breakage
Delicate and fragile food items are particularly susceptible to breakage when transferred between processes, resulting in material and financial losses.
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Losses incurred due to spillage represent a significant issue, affecting productivity and contributing to avoidable waste.
Safety Concerns
Ensuring the safety of personnel involved in this intricate conveyance is paramount. Neglecting safety protocols can lead to accidents and injuries.
Conveyors serve as the bridge between these processing stages, orchestrating the seamless transfer of naked food products from one phase to another. They must embody a hygienic, easy-to-manage and tension-free design tailored to the application to ensure a smooth and continuous product flow.

Role.of a Conveyor

While processing machines add value to your products, conveyors preserve their value and create a continuous flow between processes.
In principle, a conveyor is expected to do the following:
Quality Preservation

Receive and deliver products without compromising quality, ensuring zero breakage and protection against foreign matter contamination.

Quantity Retention

Ensuring no loss in quantity during transportation, preventing spillage and carryover, so you get the most out of your raw materials.

Food Safety Excellence

Must be easy to clean, meeting the highest food safety standards, and maintaining hygiene throughout the production process.

Reliability and Maintenance

Reliable and easy-to-maintain with minimum downtime, keeping your production line running smoothly.

E.W Conveyors

  • At EW we put together our experience and operational expertise to understand your process, identify the inadequacies, and design a simplified solution to match your conveyance needs.

  • Our conveyor helps optimize efficiency, minimize product loss, and uphold food safety standards.




Our Products

Incline to Processing Conveyors
Incline to Packaging Conveyors

Incline Processing Conveyors hold a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of the product and the operational efficiency of the processing lines.

These conveyors are designed to address the multifaceted challenges associated with transferring naked food products from one processing stage to another. Their significance lies in their ability to safeguard against concerns like spillage, cross-contamination, deposits on conveyor belts, product breakage, and more, all while maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

Positioned strategically after the last Critical Control Point (CCP), the Incline to Packaging Conveyor assumes the crucial responsibility of safely transporting products to the packaging station. Its effectiveness directly mirrors the efficiency of your entire production line.

They preserve product quality, optimize throughput, and maintain stringent food safety standards, ensuring the secure packaging of your products.