Customised automatic Salinity Dosing System minimizes product breakage while ensuring accurate dosing for multiple products

A major nuts producing company in Vietnam wanted to extend their business into processed nuts, specifically Salted & Roasted nuts for premium food products, which demanded the highest level of processing solutions for accuracy. They needed an automatic salinity dosing system for their new line at a different location and were looking for the right partner to provide a solution. The challenge was to design a system that could handle multiple nuts on the same line, accurately dose the required quantity of salt solution, and avoid any rejection or spillage. Enabling.Win and their partners designed a customized system with a concentrated salt solution preparation tank, salt solution dosing tank with auto salinity % control sensor and valves, retention tumbler to mix the product and salt solution together, and a de-watering drum to drain the excess water. The result was finished goods salt % achieved with ± 0.1 tolerance, uniformly salted products, and less than 0.5% breakage/damage to nuts.

Customer Achieves 50% Reduced Cleaning Time and Water Consumption, Eliminates Maintenance Downtime with Our Help

A major snacks producing company in the Philippines faced challenges in complying with high hygiene standards and zero downtime demands while using bucket elevators to transfer seasoned snacks from the process hall to packaging machines. The bucket elevator’s design did not allow for complete cleaning access, leading to high cleaning time and water consumption, repeated failed swab tests, and product spillage. Additionally, the complex chain-sprocket drive was prone to breakdowns and production downtime for maintenance. To address these challenges, EW proposed an Inclined To Packaging Conveyor (ITP) with an Intralox thermodrive belt, integrated CIP nozzle assembly, open frame design, and right belt size selection, resulting in a 50% reduction in cleaning time, increased efficiency and efficacy of cleaning, zero product spillage, and no production downtime due to maintenance.

We helped a potato chips manufacturer double their capacity without additional water consumption

The largest potato chips producer in Malaysia faced challenges in meeting growing market demand for their products without investing in a new factory or water treatment plant. EW proposed an innovative solution that reduced water consumption for both existing and proposed lines by implementing a complete water recycling and starch recovery system. This resulted in a 40% reduction in water consumption, no need for a new water treatment plant, and a 90% reduction in TSS level of wastewater.

We helped our customer launch a new and innovative product in the market with uniform coating and minimal breakage

A major nuts and snacks producer faced challenges in scaling up production of a new low-fat baked snack with a light coating of flavor. Traditional flavoring methods did not work well with low-fat products, so they needed an innovative solution that could integrate into their existing manufacturing line, accurately dose small amounts of flavor, and provide uniform coverage. Enabling.Win and their partners designed a system with a load cell-based weighing system, oil spray system, dry flavor dosing system, and customized mixing tumbler. The result was a 99.7% accuracy in flavor dosing, uniformly coated product, and less than 2% breakage in the fragile product.

50% Water Reduction and Valuable Starch Recovery for Top SE Asian Potato Chip Maker

A large potato chips manufacturer in Southeast Asia faced challenges due to the highly water-intensive process of manufacturing potato chips. With 10,000 liters of water used every hour, the high water usage was a big concern, along with the loss of recoverable starch and an increased load on the water treatment plant. To address these issues, EW proposed a complete water recycling and starch recovery system that resulted in a 40% reduction in water consumption, a 90% reduction in TSS level of wastewater, and a recovery of 90 kg of valuable starch per hour.

We achieved 99.7% accuracy and uniform coverage for fabricated chips and extruded snacks

The largest snacks player in the Philippines sought to improve product quality with the expansion of their highest-selling product. Existing systems lacked automatic control over seasoning flow rate, leading to uneven dosing and flavor wastage. Enabling.Win provided a fully automatic system with precise control over flavor dosing, resulting in 99.7% accuracy and uniform coating on each product piece.

Dust-Free Operations: Improving Health and Sanitation Standards

Intense flavoring in Southeast Asian snack production leads to significant dust generation in the seasoning area, causing challenges for operators and potential sanitation issues. E.W’s solution involved capturing and separating dust using a vacuum and reverse jet filter, resulting in dust elimination, 70% cleaning time reduction, and customer replication in four other lines within 12 months.

Deriving energy from waste peel to fry potato chips

A large potato chips manufacturer in Southeast Asia faced challenges related to high water and energy usage, clogged drainage systems, poor hygiene and odor, and waste disposal. E.W proposed a water recycling and peel recovery system that reduced water consumption by 40%, recovered 50 Kg of compacted peel per hour, and achieved ROI in less than 1 year.