With Urbanisation, Should Snacks Migrate Too?

Majority of the countries in South East Asia are seeing a huge surge in urban population, almost by 2.5-3.0% addition to the urban population year on year.

Urbanization, living away from family, rush of city life are all positive indicators for growth of snacks consumption. However one of the key opportunities for snacks producers is also to be able to produce some ethnic snacks in packaged on-the-go formats to tap on to this new pool of consumers.

A lot of popular global snacks have developed in the same way. Be it the migration of hand popped popcorn to popping machines in cinema theatres in the US or the mass production of fried lentils in India. There is similar history in South East Asia of automating and innovating some ethnic snacks to mass production in amazing flavors and packaging. On such example is Prawn Crackers – krupuk udang in Indonesia, keropok in Malaysia, kropek or kropeck in the Philippines, and bánh phồng tôm in Vietnam. A deep fried snack made with starch and prawn/shrimp/fish powder. Another example is Pork Rinds in Philippines and Thailand.

Scaling up a local snack to commercial production needs great understanding of the snack composition, local preparation method and food technology. We have created some great snacks and have the capability to innovate with you. Do you have an idea to share ?”