Why Do Snacks Go Rancid?

Ever wondered why some snacks at times taste bitter or smell foul ?

Fried snacks are suceptible to going rancid. Rancidity is caused when the oil quality deteriorates in the product. This can happen due to poor processing methods and technology or due to poor product packing and storage.

Oil or fat is an ester. During the process of frying oil is subject to four critical things – high temperature, water evaporating from snacks, oxygen from air and fine debris coming off the product. Oil goes through oxidation or hydrolysis in such situation. Therefore its important to continuously filter the oil in circulation to remove debris and have excellent oil balance in the system so its constantly replenished before it goes rancid. Oil management during frying is an exciting science in itself.

The packing is critical too in order to eliminate atmospheric air or water vapor to get inside the packet and react with the product. This can lead to slow development of rancidity on the shelfs.

All these parameters of rancidity can be effectively measured, monitored and maintained within permissible range with the correct frying solutions.

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