At Enabling.Win, we believe that Values and Culture are what create a Win.Win Ecosystem and develop successful businesses.

Team Work

We are more like a sports team where each person pushes the other to become better, has deep care for the team and a strong desire to WIN​.


Innovation is a way of life – to constantly look for out-of-the box ideas and solutions to everything, and not be afraid to take a risk. We create a "wow" in every one of our interactions.


We strive to be the absolute best at everything we do - as individuals and as a team. We aspire to lofty standards and work very hard towards achieving them.


To build a win-win ecosystem for food industry in Southeast Asia.

We are passionate about building an ecosystem where everybody wins. We become more successful by working together. By giving to our community, we help to build and secure our future. We want to be a part of and invested in such an ecosystem.

To bring the best technical solutions to the food industry in Southeast Asia

  • To identify innovations that bring unique value to food manufacturers in the region.
  • To partner with the right technology providers and provide the best customer experience to users.


Our Values


Honesty & Integrity

Each of our acts & our entire behaviour is rooted in absolute truth.
No exceptions made.


We respect our colleagues & all stakeholders irrespective of their personal beliefs, ethnicity, life choices or any other preferences. We treat others the way we would like them to treat us.


We look at our mistakes as a step towards perfection. We love to play with new ideas and step out of our comfort zone. We give and accept feedback in the spirit of continuous improvement.


We have an unwavering commitment to our values and our vision. We truly believe that we will not only survive but outgrow the uncertainties and difficult situations through committed efforts.

Our Driver

The gap between technology development and deployment

The food industry boasts of equipment manufacturers who continuously innovate and develop unique technologies and solutions. However, many of these technologies do not add the value they can to food manufacturers because of the gap between development and deployment. We see a big need for creating deployment strategies and tools to bridge this gap.

The SEA economy is unique in terms of size and growth opportunities. Each country in the region has diverse product preferences and market dynamics. The food industry here has tremendous opportunities for value addition. Finding the right technologies for this market and working with our technology partners and provide the best service to food manufacturers in the region is what drives us.

Paying it Forward

We invest in developing leadership skills in underprivileged children.

We believe this would enable our future generations to win. Every year, we earmark a portion of our profits to give back to the society. Also, every employee volunteers their time and skills towards a common cause.