Vietnam’s Commitment to Industry 4.0

Vietnam has one of the most elaborate telecommunications system in the world with mobile coverage reaching 99.7 per cent of the population nationwide. 3G and 4G coverage reaching over 98 per cent with low cost, while the 5G network is undergoing testing and expected to be deployed commercially from 2020.

The Vietnam government also passed Resolution 52 in October 2019 with a range of policies and frameworks to put Vietnam in the global list of digital economies with over 30% contribution to the GDP.

Considering the digital penetration and the commitment of the government, Vietnam is one of the most favorable destinations for process automation.

The food manufacturing industry has huge opportunities of automation. Some applications inclue automating the end of line to convey, sort and palletize finished goods, and digital scanning and recording of dispatches. IoT based control systems for process lines with live KPI tracking is another use case. Web application based installed base management will be critical to get the most out of your invested capital.

We have the expertise to aid your Industry 4.0 journey in areas mentioned above and we are also open to ideate with your teams on your business challenges.