The waste water from your chips line has a lot of value!

Slicing is one of the primary processes in the manufacturing of potato chips. During slicing potatoes are cut by sharp knife edges at a very high speed (around 250-300 rpm). V-cuts, Deep ridges, plain cuts are some of the popular shapes in which slices are cut.

As the knife edges cut through the potatoes they damage the surface. This surface damage leads to leaching of some starch from the potatoes. Slices are then washed in a turbulent stream of water before they can be fried. The leaching potato starch also gets washed off with this water.

Typically this starch is equivalent to 6% of the total potato consumed and is highly valuable. By following a process of mechanical solid-liquid separation and drying its possible to extract this starch in Food Grade form and use it for multiple purposes including making pallets or other snacks.

Do not let this value drain. Recover valuable starch and recycle waste water. To know more click here.