The Crunch of Popcorn and Humidity of Southeast Asia

Packaged popcorn does not enjoy the same popularity as a snacking option in Asia as it does in the western countries specially America.

Delicious popcorn on the table

This is despite the fact that popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks being a whole grain with low fat and good fiber. And this also does not mean popcorn is not popular in general, it is for sure a hit in the movie theatres across Asia.

The main reason for this low popularity is the need for higher crunch and the lack of it in some of the locally made brands. The killer is the humidity in Asia which is 30-40% higher than the west leading to sogginess.

The good news is that the problem can be overcome. There are multiple ways to go about this based on the product, raw material and your processing conditions. From controlling the atmospheric humidity to drying the popped popcorn to improving the packaging.

Did you abandon your popcorn plans or do you currently struggle with this problem?We would be delighted to understand your situation and suggest the best way out.”

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