Find technical solutions that exactly fit your purpose.

Finding the right technology for your projects requires considerable time investment and technical analysis. Partnering with us helps you outsource these elements to us and lets you focus on your core initiatives. 

We first build a solid understanding your projects requirements – raw materials used, desired end product, manpower, space constraints etc. With our industry experience and network of suppliers, we identify the right technical solution that will help you achieve your desired results.

Our Technical Solutions

We use scientific approach and tools to identify and analyze areas for process enhancements, payback-based solutions for automation, debottlenecking & waste reduction that enable significant performance improvements. We leverage our global network of suppliers to find the right technology for even the most challenging projects. 

Bulk Handling

Solid handling is an important part in food processing and manufacturing. We provide the entire range of solid handling and plant automation solutions for processes like:

  • Wheat Flour handling in Noodles and Bakery
  • Coffee or tea powder handling
  • Chocolate or sugar handling in Confectionery plants
  • Meals or grits in Snacks and Cereal Plants
  • Milk powder in dairy industry
  • Variety of powdered spices in Spice industry


Bulk material handling and commodity companies are increasing looking at creating winning B2B industrial food products. The applications are strategic and based on individual company core business and growth ideas. We provide solutions for some of the common applications like:

  • Fortification of grains
  • Development of textured protein through extrusion
  • Modified Starch
  • Grain and Nut based Snacks

Snacks & Bakery

Snacks & Bakery is a fast-growing sector in the food manufacturing industry. With evolving food preferences, consumers demand a wide variety of textures & flavours: crispy, crunchy, exotic taste etc. 

Manufacturers would need to keep up with these evolving demands. This provides us an opportunity to explore our technical abilities, especially in the following processes.


Potato Chips

Grading Halving
Peel Compaction
Starch Recovery

Extruded Snacks

Seasoning (Dry/Wet)


Nuts & Seeds



Oil popping
Air popping
Caramel Coating
Savoury Coating



Packaging, Warehousing & Distribution

Automation is often confused with manpower reduction projects. However, the decision to automate is a strategic one, especially in Asia where manpower is easily available, efficient and affordable. 

Our technical solutions in automation range across:

  • Secondary packaging: collators, case packers (gravity, pick-and-place) 
  • End-of-line conveying
  • Dock automation
  • Sorting
  • Automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS)
  • Robotic palletizing