Scale and Bulk Handling

Scale is a critical factor that defines the way producers look at handling and automation. Many producers in the SEA market are reaching scales that make the case for automating bulk handling processes.

It is often common practice to have raw material handling defined and dedicated to each individual process line in the initial phase of growth with lots of manual handling. The raw material is received in bags and manually unloaded and tipped. As the manufacturing capacity grows, the raw material supply chain gets impacted as well. Supplies move from smaller bag units to bulk container, thereby providing a fertile ground for automation.

Some of the key advantages of Bulk handling automation include:

1. Savings on labour

2. Stricter quality control with dedicated pre-processing facilities.

3. Access to better technologies for screening, detection and distribution.

With customer deands for cleaner process, better raw materials and hygiene growing today is the most appropriate time for automating how you feed your manufacturing lines”