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As food technology suppliers, maximize your reach and grow your footprint in Southeast Asia through our geographic expansion strategies and win-win approach.

Why Southeast Asia?

Excellent prospective growth, positive demographic & economic indicators make the Southeast Asia region an attractive market. Recently, many manufacturers have been shifting their operations base from China to Southeast Asia due to lower costs, increase in domestic consumption and improving physical infrastructure.

Large & Fast Growing Market

Collectively the 4th largest GDP in the world

Southeast Asia is quickly becoming a center of consumption and increasingly a primary driver of global demand. The region’s economic performance continues to outpace the rest of the world. 

To meet the increasing domestic needs, the region is expected to increase its production capacity.

Attractive Demographics

Young Population

With more than 50% of region’s population in the 20-54 years age category, they constitute the ideal consumer base for the food and beverage industry. Growing acceptance of foreign flavour profiles from young consumers is driving the demand for new and innovative processed food products.

Affluent consumers in urban areas

The emerging middle class is associated with higher willingness to pay for quality, convenience, and choice.

Improving Infrastructure

Rapidly expanding transport network

Overall government spending on improving transport infrastructure has been steadily increasing in the region. These initiatives to improve connectivity among and within Southeast Asian countries further enable the growth of manufacturing sector.

Digital commerce in business activities

Hundreds of millions of people across Southeast Asia have actively adopted online platforms for shopping. The region has one of the highest rates of ecommerce adoption in the world, fuelled by increasing numbers of internet users.

Understanding Challenges of Southeast Asia


Not a monolithic market

Southeast Asia boasts a wide range of distinct cultures, languages, climate, food preferences and belief systems. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy across such widely varying markets.

Moreover, the region is highly fragmented geographically. For example, Indonesia’s population of 270 million are spread across more than 6,000 islands. Similarly, in the Philippines, 107 million people are distributed across 2,000 islands.

Communication Barriers

English is not widely spoken in this region – most technical staff in factories, sales representatives etc. prefer to converse in their regional languages. To conduct business successfully, it would be critical to understand and address these linguistic nuances.

Complex Laws & Business Regulations

Laws and regulations differ not only across different countries but also within each country in the region. This adds to the layer of complexity of doing business.


Local Presence is Essential

The food processing and machinery equipment sector is highly segmented. Building good interpersonal relationships with local industry players is one of the vital factors for business success in Southeast Asia. 

Nascent market in terms of technology

Food manufacturing sector is still very nascent and requires educating the buyers about new technologies before pitching the solutions.  The market is not enquiry-driven, hence it requires a solution-based sales approach. This also implies the need for local service and support.

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