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Your My.Win account is designed to be the single go to place for your needs – all the way from your personal learning journey to optimizing your plant’s performance. It gives you access to different modules that offer you a variety of features and functionality, as well as a wealth of industry information and insights. 

Knowledge Series

Knowledge Series is a monthly online seminar or panel discussion on topics that are relevant and useful to a food industry professional – product development, process design, manufacturing, automation, food safety, etc.

During these sessions, you can interact with the speakers, panelists, and audience members in an engaging session. You can also access all the past sessions in our library; so, you can listen to them as and when your schedule permits and still send us your queries or discussion points.

Industry Insights

We continuously gather and publish information on each food industry segment in our Insights module. With our in-depth industry knowledge, you will have access to useful industry insights on a regular basis.


At the time of purchase of an equipment, OEMs send instruction manuals for maintenance, installation, cleaning and troubleshooting along with the new machines to the buyer.

For buyers, these manuals tend to be scattered across different teams and often hard to find. With the DocHub, as a buyer you can just scan the QR code on the machine or type in the machine serial number and have ready, online access to all the manuals anytime and anywhere.