Sanitation and Hygiene in a Food Plant

Learn about: 

  • The importance of effective & efficient sanitation
  • Hygienic Design impact on sanitation
  • Using Hygienic Design to improve sanitation
    effectiveness and reduce cost

Karin Blacow, Food Safety Specialist, Commercial Food Sanitation L.L.C.

As a Food Safety Specialist with Commercial Food Sanitation since 2012, Karin partners with food processors in their food safety journey, in particular driving sanitation and hygienic design improvements. Over 20 years of working with many food processors and equipment manufacturers in all food segments has afforded her a unique perspective when supporting the food industry. Karin is passionate about training and continuous improvement and believes these always go hand in hand to make a positive change in food safety culture.

Karin is an active member of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), participated in several guideline sub-groups and is a board-member for EHEDG Australia which started in 2019. Karin also shares her passion for food safety as a columnist for ‘Food Processing Vakblad’.

In 2018, Karin and her family relocated from Amsterdam to Sydney to support the food industry in Australia, New Zealand as well as South East Asia.