Food and Nutrition: Key Developments and Predictions for 2021


In this Knowledge Series, we examine the significant, relevant trends that are embodying developments in food and nutrition innovation – and the resultant implications for 2021.

These developments and implications are analyzed in the context of themes spanning across the broader agrifood and health ecosystem – driven by the need for agile product development, personalization, resource efficiency, and more.

Thomas Hayes, Global Food Technology & Innovation Analyst, Lux Research.

  • Thomas Hayes is an Analyst at Lux on the Emerging Ecosystems in Agrifood and Health team, specializing in food and nutrition.
  • He advises clients how to capitalize on emerging technologies related to personalized nutrition, the gut microbiome, plant-based proteins, cellular agriculture, and more.
  • Prior to this, Thomas was a member of Lux’s Consulting team where he conducted project-based analyses for clients, largely within the food industry.
  • Thomas received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University and is a Master of Business and Science (MBS) candidate at Rutgers University, concentrating in Global Food Technology & Innovation.