The Comeback of Traditional Snacks - a Market Perspective



Learn about:

  • Importance of sustainability and biodiversity in the context of food manufacturing
  • Economic sense in repositioning traditional products
  • Leveraging traditional grains and processing methods
  • How to spot a trend for new product idea

About the speaker:

  • Sreenivas is a co-founder of Uncle Saba’s Poppdoms, a Singaporean company producing healthy lentil crackers.
  • It was Sreenivas’ brainchild to bring a global appeal to such an ethnic snack. His is well-renowned for his ability to spot trends and leverage them from a business perspective.
  • Previously, he worked with RB Capital in London, a global investor in real estate and logistics. He also has experience working with Propmetheus Capital in Shanghai and with Arshiya, India’s first Free Trade Zone operator.
  • Sreenivas received his Bachelors from the London School of Economics and his MBA from London Business School.