Flavours and Taste Trends in Snacks

Learn about:

  • Key Consumer trends influencing
  • Flavor Trends & Potential flavors to
    watch out
  • Solutions for Healthy Tasty Indulgence

Harsch Koshti, Strategic Marketing Director, Taste – APMEA, Kerry.

  • Harsch is a food Innovation enthusiast and passionate about sensory dimensions of food.
  • Being a chemical engineer he likes to understand the science behind taste and to connect it with consumer insights.
  • Over the course of his career he has been associated with companies like Du-pont Danisco, Tetra Pak, Givaudan and Kerry. He has been a part of driving sales, strategy and innovation in food, flavour and ingredient space.
  • Harsch is based in Singapore and is leading the strategic marketing initiatives for Taste technologies, Kerry.