Debottleneck Your Docks Through Automation


Learn about:

  •  Find out how you can decongest your docks
  • Improve your time and productivity while saving costs significantly

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Ashwin Dravid, Chief Sales Officer, Armstrong MBPL

  • Ashwin has over 20 years of B2B industry
  • He has previously worked with companies like Technova and Reliance Retail.
  •  His expertise in automation, sensitivity towards changing business environment, market intelligence & outside-in approach makes him an industry leader in automation.

Rishin Mathew, Head – Projects Design and Implementation, Future Supply Chains

  • Rishin is the Head of Projects Design and Implementation at Future Supply Chains, India
  • He heads various automation initiatives including PTL, Sorter, Inbound and Outbound Automation etc. 
  • Prior to this, he worked as Group Projects Development Manager at TESCO for 8 years where he led multiple implementations for warehouse, transport and labour management systems across China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, UK and India.