Knowledge Session 2: Corn and the Science of Puffing


17 Apr 2020


  • Corn as a raw material
  • Puffing as a process
  • Endless possibilities of puffing like popcorn, roasted nuts, coated nuts, puff pellets etc. in the context of Southeast Asia.


Speaker:  John Concannon

  • John Concannon is Vice President of C. Cretors and Company in Chicago, IL, USA.
  • He graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland in 1989 with a degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • In 1991, he graduated with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri (Rolla).
  • Originally employed in the oil industry (Koch Industries), he has been with Cretors in Chicago since 1995 and is a world renowned expert on popcorn processing.