A Thousand Different Sponge Cakes for Every Occasion


30 Oct 2020

Perfecting Sponge Cake through Process Innovation

Learn about sponge cake processing and gain product insights. We have a very special speaker from Europe to help us gain an understanding in these areas: 

– Aeration benefits
– Differences between Aerated Creams vs pasteurized creams
– Sponge line operation
– Batter and Cream continuous preparation systems
– Differences between Turbo mixers vs planetary mixers

About the speaker:

  • Natalija has over 20 years of experience in industrial bakery and confectionery sector.
  • She is Director of TT LA, focused on product development services and R&D as a Service (RDaaS), following the latest food tech trends and tailoring solutions. She was also Head Commissioning Technologist at TT ITALY since 2006 with over 50 industrial lines commissioned worldwide and a variety of custom-made products launched under client’s brands.
  • She has served 10 years as technical support in Functional Ingredients Applications in P.I.C. Co LTD.
  • Natalija graduated in Food and Biotechnology Engineering at the Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia.