Robotic Solutions for the Food Industry


29 Oct 2021
Learn more about the following:
  • Types of robots
  • Applications in food industry
  • Design considerations
  • Advantages and limitations of robotic systems

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Srivatsa Mahesh

Srivatsa Mahesh is a business head at Cybernetik, looking after business development and technology development for robotic applications for the food, chemical and manufacturing industries. 

A Master of Science in Automotive Engineering from RWTH Aachen, and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from The State University New York at Buffalo, Srivatsa’s career trajectory spans across the United States, Europe, and India.

With over 12 years of experience, he is passionate about technical design, automation, AI & digitisation. Having worked in multiple roles from design, software development and project management, he has commissioned multiple projects ranging from robotics, process automation, and material handling for major clients globally.

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