Optimizing Your Most Critical Ingredient: Flavour


26 Feb 2021

Flavours are a major driver of consumer trends in the snacks industry. Especially with the health trend on the rise, there is huge scope for innovation in this sector.

In this session, learn about: 
– The latest taste trends in snacks
– Indulgent healthy snacking: balancing nutrition and taste, without sacrificing the flavour experience
– Savings on flavour through the application of Loss-in-Weight (LIW) principles
– Considerations while upgrading your seasoning system

Join us on 26th February 2021 to find out more from our industry experts.

Read more about flavor:

So, a decision has been made and the budget has been approved to change your existing flavoring system. Regardless of what is your key driver for the purchase of the equipment, there are some common ways to evaluate the various equipment suppliers.


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