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26 March 2021
3-5 pm SGT (GMT+8)

FUT.URE: Achieving Sustained Profitability in Food

Re-imagining profitable growth in food manufacturing through sustained resilience, innovation and organization effectiveness.

This is unique chance to be a part of a close-knit community of food leaders who come together in virtual roundtables to form the core that remains intact in subsequent runs of the event.

Since it is by invite-only, let us know if you are interested in participating. We will review your request


What is FUT.URE?

FUT.URE is an invite-only virtual roundtable to bring the food manufacturers, Technology Solutions Providers and food industry communities together to discuss the challenges facing the Food Processing Industry.

Everything will be live and interactive – we’ll have close-knit discussions and networking. The breakout sessions are designed to co-create answers allowing you to walk away with actionable insights, recommendations and advice from your community of Food Industry Leaders.

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Plenary: The Secret Ingredient to Sustained Profits

Kamesh Ellajosyula
Chief Innovation Officer
Olam Food Ingredients

Keynote Address

Going Beyond Line of Sight

The business environment is becoming increasingly more dynamic and unpredictable coupled with fast evolving consumer demands. Leaders face mounting pressure to produce short-term profits, increasing the likelihood of management practices that reduce long-term value. How does one navigate this?

While profitability is still fundamental for long-term viability of any business but achieving sustained profits in today’s scenario requires some re-imagining of the product, partnership and organization strategies.

In practicality, how does one get internal support and achieve mindset shift to incorporate long-term thinking in everyday decisions? This panel will address profitable growth in food manufacturing through sustained resilience, innovation and organization effectiveness.

Panel Discussion

Flexing the 'Long-Term' Muscle

Sustained Resilience

Marcelo Tarkieltaub
Head of SEA
Rockwell Automation

Sustained Innovation


Will be announced shortly!

Sustained Overall
Organization Effectiveness (OOE)

Tom Borup
Managing Director, APAC
JBT Foodtech

Moderated By:

Thomas Hayes
Global Research Analyst
Lux Research

Parallel Tracks with Breakout Sessions

Resilience, perseverance and victory concept. Rook standing among fallen pawns.

Track 1: Sustained Resilience

Embrace complexity, uncertainty and interdependence by minimizing impact-recovery gap

1. How to be resilient in an inter-dependent world – how to achieve true partnerships?

2. How digitalisation can lay groundwork to drive long-term value – what does merging of intelligent systems and intelligent automation with the physical world in co-operation with human intelligence mean for the future factories?

3. How to assess risk and stress test operations to combat unexpected disruptions – measure beyond just performance

Innovative idea in the hand of businesswoman. Innovative idea Concept.

Track 2: Sustained Innovation

Evolve the product, services, or solutions portfolio via a continuous Innovation Engine

1. Understanding how agility and innovation correlated positively with gross profit margin.


2. In what ways, can we move from transformation mode to strategic innovation driven by e-commerce?


3. How Innovation can promise efficiency, flawless production, minimum waste, and customizable manufacturing?

Team on mountain top. Active life concept

Track 3: Sustained Organizational Effectiveness

Building an efficient future-ready organization

1. What are the options with the lowest impact on corporate performance while meeting cost reduction targets?


2. How can we identify sustainable sources of savings: Improving Productivity, automating workflows, removing redundancies and variablize labour costs?


3. What risks do the organizations run into while doing the headcount reduction?

Our Roundtable Contributors

Abel Santos Sáez
Intersnack Cashew Company

Michael Boeker
Director of Operations, APAC

William Tan
Head of Sales, APAC

Shirish Yadav
VP Manufacturing & Technology

Indrani Ghosh
Global Strategy & Insights Head- Specialized Nutrition

Rudy Brigianto
Manufacturing Director

Arnold Alvarez
Sr. VP Plant operations
CDO Foodsphere Inc

John George
Regional Director Health Safety & Environment – APMEA

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