Our Flagship Events

Knowledge Series is a monthly online seminar or panel discussion on topics that are relevant and useful to a food industry professional – product development, process design, manufacturing, automation, food safety, etc.

During these sessions, you can interact with the speakers, panelists, and audience members in an engaging session. You can also access all the past sessions in our library; so, you can listen to them as and when your schedule permits and still send us your queries or discussion points.

FUT.URE is an invite-only virtual conference conducted twice a year, that brings the food manufacturers, Technology Solutions Providers and food industry communities together to discuss Food Processing Industry’s biggest challenges. 

This is a platform to voice your perspectives on the challenges and trends while fostering partnerships with other industry leaders. Everything is live and interactive – we’ll have roundtable sessions, networking, and some special technology showcases. The breakout sessions are designed to co-create answers allowing you to walk away with actionable insights, recommendations and advice from your community of Food Industry Leaders. The declaration of this conference will be published as actionable takeaways on My.Win platform and will be revisited during subsequent Fut.ure sessions.