Effective Strategies for Wastewater Management in the Snacks Industry

In the past, wastewater treatment was often viewed as a non-value adding process that only incurred costs to any plant operations. However, with the recent increase in attention over the scarcity of clean water, it became obvious that what a plant discharges to the public sewers or nearby water bodies have a direct impact on […]

The Invisible ROI – Payback other than Manpower Savings

As discussed in the previous Insights article, manpower savings is actually one of the greatest drivers for automation. However, more often than not, most food manufacturers only consider savings obtained directly from reduction of manpower which could lead to understating on the potential benefits of the solution. If a solution gets approved by management, understating […]

Implications of Manpower Reduction through End-of-Line Automation

End-of-Line packaging and handling is one of the most labour-intensive activities in food manufacturing operations. Traditionally, human labours are deployed for secondary packaging, palletizing and warehouse storage. The activities involved in these operations are mostly repetitive and hence an easy target for automation. The technology evolution since the industrial revolution has resulted in creation of […]

Efficiently putting the right box in the right truck

Docks are the interface of a factory with the outside world. Docks connect the factory to the suppliers on the receiving side and to the customers on the dispatch side. It is only fair to say that docks are the most critical interface of the supply chain. This is where commercially goods are transacted from […]

Top 5 things to consider before investing in a new seasoning equipment

So, a decision has been made and the budget has been approved to change your existing flavoring system. Regardless of what is your key driver for the purchase of the equipment, below is a checklist to apply as you go about evaluating various equipment suppliers. 1. Is the system tailor made for your unique product […]

The Crunch of Popcorn and Humidity of Southeast Asia

Packaged popcorn does not enjoy the same popularity as a snacking option in Asia as it does in the western countries specially America. This is despite the fact that popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks being a whole grain with low fat and good fiber. And this also does not mean popcorn is not […]

With Urbanisation, Should Snacks Migrate Too?

Majority of the countries in South East Asia are seeing a huge surge in urban population, almost by 2.5-3.0% addition to the urban population year on year. Urbanization, living away from family, rush of city life are all positive indicators for growth of snacks consumption. However one of the key opportunities for snacks producers is […]

Vietnam’s Commitment to Industry 4.0

Vietnam has one of the most elaborate telecommunications system in the world with mobile coverage reaching 99.7 per cent of the population nationwide. 3G and 4G coverage reaching over 98 per cent with low cost, while the 5G network is undergoing testing and expected to be deployed commercially from 2020. The Vietnam government also passed […]

Why Do Snacks Go Rancid?

Ever wondered why some snacks at times taste bitter or smell foul ? Fried snacks are suceptible to going rancid. Rancidity is caused when the oil quality deteriorates in the product. This can happen due to poor processing methods and technology or due to poor product packing and storage. Oil or fat is an ester. […]